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Yakima Skybox Carbonite Cargo Box Review

Quality and the ability to fulfill your needs, that’s the most important elements of any cargo box. Of course, getting one that looks good is generally high on the list or requirements.

But, despite the number of potential products on the market, it can be hard to find the right one. That’s why, whether you were considering the Yakima skybox, or not; you need to take a look at this review.

This is actually a stylish looking box that fits most vehicles on the market; it is important that you check your vehicle is on the list before you buy!

It is worth noting that a cargo box is a great way to carry your gear when you have a full vehicle and have already chosen the best hitch bike rack; you’ll be amazed at how much your car can carry!

The Specs

Check out the specs of this cargo box:

  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Minimum crossbar spread 24”; maximum 36”
  • Limited Lifetime warranty – you’re covered against defects for as long as your own the Yakima skybox.
  • Lightest box, the Yakima Skybox 16 weighs 47 lbs
  • Fits most crossbars
  • Dual Side Openings

Pros of The Yakima Skybox

There are plenty of positive features to the Yakima Skybox:

5 size choices

There are 5 different sizes you can choose between, allowing you to get the perfect size for your need and your vehicle:

  • Lo

This option has the least amount of height; hence the name. It is 92” long, 36” wide and 11.5” high; weighing 52lbs.

  • 12

The 12 is aptly named as it offers 12 cubic feet of space. It measures 92” long, 29” wide and 17.5” high; while weighing 55lbs.

  • 16

At 81” long this is the shortest option on offer. It is 36” wide, 15” high and offers 16 cubic feet of space. It weighs just 47lbs.

  • 18

Unsurprisingly this box gives you 18 cubic feet of space. It weighs 52lbs, is 16” high, 36” wide and 92” long.

  • 21

The biggest box of them all offers 21 cubic feet of space, measures 93” high, 37” wide and 20 inches high. It weighs 75lbs and is definitely the monster box, capable of carrying virtually any load.

You may want to be aware that adding a kayak roof rack will not be an option if you’re using the Yakima Skybox; although that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the best kayak rack possible for other occasions.

SKS Locks

SKS lock
Yakima SKS Lock Keys and Core

It’s great to see a cargo box company taking security seriously. While the box clamps onto virtually any crossbar with easy installation knobs from inside the box; these are only inaccessible as long as the security locks on the box are solid.

Fortunately, SKS locks are some of the best available; providing you with peace of mind that your box, and its contents, will stay where you left them.

Fits Snowboards & Skis

If you’re a lover of the winter snow then you’ll be pleased to hear that the Yakima Skybox can handle 3 pairs of skis up to 6.5 feet long each. You can even slide your snowboards inside!


Yakima Skybox Carbonite Cargo Box Aerodynamic

The Yakima Skybox has sleek lines to encourage wind to move over the top of it; instead of under. This helps to reduce drag which will increase your fuel consumption.

The textured carbonate finish and tapered design further improve the aerodynamics of this box.

It’s worth noting that there is no assembly required when the box is delivered and the lid overlaps the base, ensuring that the rain cannot get inside your cargo box.

Easy Access

As well as needing no assembly this box is surprisingly easy to fit to your vehicle. Simply lift it into position, you may need help, even the lightest one, the Yakima Skybox 16, weighs 47lbs. You can then slide the clamps into position around the crossbars and tighten them from inside the box.

Access is also extremely easy, the box opens on both sides, allowing you access regardless of traffic or restrictive parking. This also makes it much easier to load, especially as the box opens very wide; you can even slide a duffle bag in without an issue.

It’s also pleasing to see the internal lid stiffeners which help to prevent flex when driving without a fully loaded box.

Environmentally Friendly

This box is made in the USA. But, what is more, impressive is that it is composed of 80% recycled material. This makes it as environmentally friendly as possible for a plastic box!

You should also be aware that this is very well made, the quality and care put into construction combine with a limited lifetime warranty to ensure that the Yakima Skybox will last you for many years. Not replacing it is another way of helping the environment.

Cons & Features To Be Aware Of

Of course, no box is perfect; there are a few small things that should be considered before you commit your funds to this purchase:

Skybox 16 Carbonite can’t be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii

The company doesn’t disclose why this is not possible although it could be related to the surprising size of the box; it’s not something that can be easily shipped on a plane.

This is only an issue if you live in one of these places.

Wind Noise

All cargo boxes can create some noise; they have disrupted the usual aerodynamic lines of your vehicle. Wind noise is usually a result of it passes under the box and catches gaps in the rails or clamps.

Only a few people have reported an issue with this, but it is one to be aware of.

Should You Choose The Yakima Skybox?

Yes! Whatever size you require, there is a Yakima Skybox available for you. The box is well made with plenty of positive reviews to reassure you that this is a quality purchase that will last you for years.

It looks smart, is easy to slide on and off your roof, and will fit most vehicles and cross bars. There may be better-known makes, such as Thule, but you won’t be disappointed with the quality of the Yakima Skybox.

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