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Kupper Mounts Bike Racks Review

Getting your bike from A to B, and even C safely is one of the most important considerations for any rider. It doesn’t matter if you ride once a year or every weekend, you need to be confident that your bike is secure and won’t be damaged while you’re in transit. The problem is that the majority of bike racks work on the same lines, despite grandiose claims, the basic principles remain the same. That’s why when you see something as innovative, simple, and stylish as the Kupper Mounts Bike Racks, you have to take a closer look.

While there are plenty of great bike racks to choose from, few often the range of options and ease of use that the Kupper Mounts bike racks does. Even the best Kuat bike racks have nothing like the Kupper Mounts available. 

Who is Kupper Mounts?

Kupper Mounts are an exciting new business that has been using Kickstarter to help raise the funds they need. As of November 3, 2019, they have 698 backers with a total pledge of nearly $100,000. If, after reading this, you’re interested in becoming another backer you’ll be pleased to know there is a range of early bird offers.

It’s worth taking a look now as once the campaign has finished the minimum price will be $200, and you’ll wish you’d bought them sooner.

Let’s take a look at what is so good about the Kupper Mounts Bike Racks:

Kupper Mounts Bike Racks – Specs

  • Weighs just 4 pounds
  • Accommodates bikes up to 45 pounds
  • Mounts in just 10” space for the front and 7” of space for the rear
  • Can maintain suction within a temperature range of 10-120°F
  • Metal reinforced security strap included
  • Works with most bikes

Kupper Mounts Bike Racks –Extremely Portable

When ordering this rack you’ll get a package with all the bits you need and they’re ready to use. This includes

  • Two suction cup mounts, one for each wheel of your bike
  • A security tether that goes around your bike frame and into your door or trunk
  • Cam-buckle strap for when the rear clamp can’t be used
  •  A pedal stay to stop your pedals spinning while you’re moving
  • The case

That’s it and all the items fit into a small case that can be carried with you anywhere you go. That’s part of what makes this rack so amazing, it doesn’t matter if you’re driving, flying, or even catching the train, your Kupper Mounts Bike Racks can be carried with you.

Can be Used On Any Vehicle

Most bike racks are limited by design, they’ll fit a vehicle with a hitch, or if you’ve invested in roof bars. But, the Kupper Mounts Bike Racks can be used on any vehicle that has a solid roof. In fact, you can even use it at home.

The two main pads use suction to affix themselves to your roof, these are then the holders for the front and rear of your bike. As long as you have a roof you can have this bike rack, which makes it incredibly flexible, you’ll be able to transfer it between vehicles and never have an excuse for not taking your bike with you.

Fitting is Fast and Simple

The crucial part of any bike rack is how quickly you can get it onto your vehicle and your bike secured.

The good news is that it doesn’t get much simpler than this, you should be up and running in 2-3 minutes!

Simply decide which side of the car you want to put your bike and wipe the mounting points clean, dirt and grease will affect the suction power.

You can then moisten the bottom edge of the mount and press it onto your clean roof. There is a small plunger on the side, simply pump this a few times and you’ll create the necessary seal for strong suction. With both suction cups in place, you can lift your bike into position and secure it. It’s worth noting that there is a safety indicator band on your mount when pumping up the suction plunger the band should become invisible, this indicates the mount is ready to use.

Wheel Removal

You should be aware that the front clamp is designed to accommodate your front forks, as such you’ll need to take your front wheel off. You’ll also need to work out the right position for your mounts to ensure the bike fits in snugly, this may take a little trial and error or an accurate tape measure.

Don’t forget, you’ll also need to lift the bike into position, this should be simple if your bike is light or if you’re used to lifting it onto a roof rack system.

Top Tip: If you’re worried about lifting your bike onto the roof then this system can be used on the rear of an SUV. Simply place the front wheel mount near the top of your rear windscreen and the rear wheel mount at the bottom of your trunk, (you can leave this off if space is an issue). As long as you have enough clearance when driving, your bike will stay where you’ve left it.

The rear wheel is secured with a simple strap, the front fork is bolted in, a strap stops the pedals from moving and another strap secures the bike to your vehicle. It’s that simple.

Kupper Mounts Bike Racks

Kupper Mounts Bike Racks – Quality

This is a new product but suction mount bike racks are starting to attract attention from the bigger players in the bike industry. There is little doubt that they’ll be copying this style soon.

With this in mind and the importance of your bike, Kupper Mounts has made sure that the bike rack is built out of premium materials, this will ensure it stays on your roof and you can use it over and over again.

The powder-coated steel combines with the rubber suction cups to provide you with a weather-resistant product. It works in all weather conditions.

If you’re wondering just how strong two suction cups are then check out this picture from the Kupper Mounts website:

Bike Damage

Contact with your frame is nonexistent, the rack secures through your front forks and over your rear tire, this means your bike won’t get damaged and your car won’t get scratched.

Of course, you can add more than one of these systems to the roof of your car, or even use it on your trailer or truck bed. The only limit you have is the size of the space you have available.

Kupper Mounts Bike Racks – Final Thoughts

The Kupper Mounts Bike Racks is easy to carry with you, can be installed and ready to use in minutes, and is considerably cheaper than many other options currently available. The fact that you can use it on almost any vehicle means you’ll be able to take it everywhere with you and still get a lift home. In short, there doesn’t appear to be a good reason not to purchase one of these racks.

It’s well made, ingenious, and I’m ordering 2!

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