TYGER Deluxe 4-bike Carrier Rack

It doesn’t matter whether you get a thrill out of riding fast downhills, on-road, or off-road, or if you prefer cruising along the canals with the family. The best way of getting you and your bike where you need to go is with a bike rack. Of course, there are hundreds of different bike racks on the market, choosing the right one can be difficult. Fortunately, we’re here to help! Once you’ve finished checking out the best hitch bike rack, spare a few moments to read this Tyger Deluxe 4-bike carrier rack review. Fairly recently I changed cars and gained a tow hitch, that allowed me to pick up the TYGER Deluxe 4-bike Carrier Rack and test it out for myself.

I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. This is one of the best bike racks I ever used!

It’s worth noting that Tyger Auto was only founded in 2013, it’s definitely a newcomer to the business. But, the firm was started by automotive enthusiasts who appreciated that the products currently on the market don’t quite do enough.

The firm is dedicated to producing the very best quality accessories, and it shows in the Tyger Deluxe 4.

The Specs

  • Takes 4 Bikes

If you have a family or like to go with a group of mates then a rack for 1 or 2 bikes just isn’t going to cut it. The Tyger Deluxe 4 carries 4 bikes comfortably, although the usual care when loading is required.

It’s worth noting that there is also a 3 bike version.

  • Easy Ratchet Buckles Included

It’s not just the easy ratchet buckles you should be grateful for, the rack also has a hitch lock and security strap included. Your bikes aren’t going anywhere you don’t want them to.

  • Tilt Function

You don’t want to have to take your bikes or the rack off just to get to your trunk! Fortunately, you don’t need to with this rack. Just remove the pin and ease the rack into a 45° angle, then open your trunk!

  • Foldable

The rack can be easily removed but why bother?  Instead, just fold the arms down into the rack and drive wherever you need to go.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

As long as you own the rack you’ll be covered by the warranty that covers defective parts for life. The warranty isn’t transferrable.

  • Weighs 28.2 pounds

That’s heavy enough to be sturdy but light enough to lift on and off your hitch easily.

  • Other specs

  • Steel Construction
  • Dimensions 61” x 9” x 21”
  • Total weight capacity 132 pounds, 4 bikes up to 33 pounds each


Positive Attributes

There are so many positive attributes connected with this rack it can be hard to know where to start:

Ease Of Use

If you’ve ever had a hitch-mount rack before you’ll know that they are relatively easy to fit your vehicle. But, sometimes the weight of the rack and the way the slot system works can make the rack seem needlessly complicated.

The TYGER Deluxe 4-bike Carrier Rack is proof that it doesn’t need to be complicated. Not only does it smoothly and easily fit on to almost any vehicle, but it also works with both 1 ¼ inch hitches and 2-inch hitches.

You’ll find that you can install this rack onto your car in minutes. In fact, the rack folds down when not in use, allowing you to keep it on your vehicle. This enables you to slide it into position and load 4 bikes in less than 15 minutes.

It’s not just the arms that fold down! You’ll also find a simple knob low down on the central bar. This allows you to effortlessly tip the rack away from the trunk of the car. You’ll get excellent access to your trunk without needing to remove the bikes. When finished, simply lift the rack back up and slide the knob back through the holes to keep it in position.

It is worth noting that the rack will slide effortlessly into the hitch, you then secure it in place with the supplied hitch bolt. But, you should slide the bolt through from left to right, this will ensure it locks the rack perfectly in position.

Locking Mechanisms

Not all bike racks come with security locks. Fortunately, the Tyger doesn’t suffer from this issue. You’ll find a simple tubular lock that slots over the hitch bolt. One turn of the key ensures the cover is locked into place, making it impossible for someone to remove your rack without the key.

But that’s not all! The rack also has a cable lock with it. This isn’t integrated yet, although there s hope it will be on future ones! However, it is a good enough lock to wrap around 4 bikes and ensure they are secured properly to your bike rack, making it extremely difficult for any opportunist thief to walk off with your pride and joy.

The security lock is even better because the rack is such a good price.


Each arm is coated in rubber to help prevent your bikes from being damaged in transit. In addition, there are cradles to support each bike. These are padded and designed to be anti-sway. This reduces the movement of your bikes while in transit although Tyger does recommend that you use the 2 straps provided to ensure your bikes cannot move. If you load your bikes correctly then there is no reason for them to get damaged during transit. I certainly haven’t had a problem with mine yet.

Quality Build

The TYGER Deluxe 4-bike Carrier Rack is made from steel, that’s why it’s relatively heavy. However, this also means that it is solid and can’t easily be damaged or destroyed.

The steel is e-coated, giving it the shiny black appearance ad helping to protect the metal from corrosion.

There is no reason to think the coating will come off unless you damage the rack. However, if it does you’ll need to coat it again quickly to avoid corrosion starting.


The Tyger Deluxe 4 is one of the cheapest hitch mount bike racks on the market. This isn’t because the product is cheap, it’s as well built as many of the big names. However, the fact that it is a young company and less well known, means that they can’t charge the premium costs that the better-known companies do.

In effect, you’re getting a bargain because the company is still establishing its reputation.

The Negatives

There are always a few points to be aware of:

The Brand

Tyger have been producing bike racks and other accessories for 6 years and they are getting pretty good at it. However, they are nowhere near as well known as the premium brands, such as Thule, or Yakima.

If you’re worried about the brand name then this is not the rack for you.

Difficult to Remove Tilt Pin

The tilt pin is designed to slide straight out of the central column, allowing the rack to pivot away from your vehicle.

However, you should be aware that it can be difficult to remove the pin when you have 4 bikes on the rack, the weight of the bikes pushes down on the pin and stops it sliding easily out. It’s not impossible but takes a little wiggling, especially when you want to put it back in.

Visibility Issues

If the rack is fully loaded with 4 bikes you’ll find it is difficult to see anything with your rearview mirror. The bikes effectively block your view of the road behind.

To be fair, this is an issue with many 4 bike racks, whether hitch mounted or trunk mounted. There is little you can do about it but it is worth noting that you’ll be relying on your wing mirrors.

Final Thoughts

I’ve looked at lots of different bike racks and tried many of the ‘best’ products on the market and I’m pleased to say that the Tyger Deluxe 4 stands up well against the competition.

I’ll agree that the pin can be stiff when removing it to tilt the fully laden rack away from my car. But, if you only have 3 bikes on you don’t notice any difference.

The rack has secured by bikes properly, preventing them from swinging, and ensured they didn’t get damaged, even when driving hundreds of miles.

If you’ve got a tow hitch and are trying to work out which bike rack to get, you could do a lot worse than choosing the Tyger Deluxe 4, you’ll be in good company!






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