Truck Bed Bike Rack

The Best Truck Bed Bike Rack

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to take your bikes with you on a family vacation or want effective transport to get them to your local trials; you need the best truck bed bike rack possible. You’ll want something easy to load your bikes into and holds them both safely and securely.

The key with this style of bike rack is that you know your bike is safely secured; there is no risk of damage in transit from a poorly fastened rack or through other vehicles and pedestrians damaging your bike. They are protected by the truck bed as well as the straps and other cushioning material you use.

Ultimately the best bike rack for you will depend on your personal situation. Many people like the convenience of a hitch-mounted rack. While there are some advantages to this method of carrying your bikes, it may seem a little pointless to add a hitch rack when you have plenty of space in your truck bed. This actually is the perfect space for carrying 4 or even 5 bikes, and, let’s face it, it looks pretty cool too!

There are various truck bed bike racks on the market, making it very difficult to know which the right one for your needs is. Fortunately, this guide will not just show you the best bike rack for a truck bed; it will also guide you through choosing the best one. You’ll even find a useful reference section to ensure you understand the key terms when choosing a truck bed bike rack.

The majority of truck bed bike racks available can be put in your truck and left there without affecting your load capabilities. This means that the rack doesn’t need to come in and out as long as you have the right locking facility, ensuring it is ready whenever you want to use it.

It is worth noting that the best truck bed bike rack will help you to stay clean even after a muddy trail ride; you barely need to handle the bike to secure it for transport. In addition, you can easily hose out the truck bed to make it as good as new. With the right rack, you have space and the ability to load your bike in minutes; it simply doesn’t make sense not to get a truck bed bike rack!

Truck Bed Bike Rack Terms You May Need to Know

Before you start deciding the best truck bed bike rack for you, you’ll likely find the following terms useful:

Fork Mounts

This type of bike rack sits in your truck bed and engages with your forks; you’ll need to remove the wheel to use this type of best truck bed bike rack.

Raised Fork Racks

These styles of racks raise your forks to allow handlebars to sit at different levels. This is essential if you wish to fit several bikes into your truck bed.

A raised fork generally refers to the fact that you’ll need to drop your front wheel as the rack clamps to your forks, not your wheel.

Truck Bed Size

This usually refers to the length of your truck bed from behind your cab to the tailgate; it will tell you whether the bike will fit in whole or if the wheel needs removing.


These are simply the fastening mechanisms that hold your bike in place while you’re in transit. They come in all shapes and sizes depending on your truck bed and the rack you wish to use. The sturdier they are, the better to ensure your bike doesn’t wobble while in transit.

Anti-Sway Cage

This is the mechanism that prevents your bike or bikes from moving while you’re in transit. In essence, they prevent swaying.

Ball Mount

The ball mount is simply the ball-shaped part of a rack that slots into the tow hitch on your vehicle. This isn’t usually relevant for a truck bed bike rack, but it is still useful to know what it is.

Bike Cradle

A bike cradle is an apparatus that ensures your bike is separate from the one next to it. There are a huge number of different options used by manufacturers. It is difficult to say that one is better than another; they perform differently.

Our Selection of the Best Truck Bed Bike Racks

1. Heininger Automotive 2025 Advantage Sportsrack

Heininger Automotive 2025 Truck Bed Bike Rack

This Heininger Automotive 2025 Advantage Sportsrack rack is designed to allow you to carry up to 4 bikes in safety. It can be used in your truck bed or as a stand-alone rack in your home or garage. That makes it very versatile, and you can be certain you’ll never lose it!

It weighs just 8 ounces making it easy to install and ensuring it has minimal effect on your fuel consumption, even if you leave it in the truck.

Key Features

The Heininger 2025 comes with a spacer to allow you to mount the rack away from the rear of your cab, effectively protecting your vehicle.

It can extend from 54.5 inches to 66.5 inches when used without the spacer. If you use the spacer, it goes from 60.5 inches to 72.5 inches.

You’ll also be pleased to note that padding is included, helping to ensure your bike or bikes are well protected, as is your truck.

A lockable cable allows you to lock your bike securely to the rack; it is 72 inches long. The rack itself can be assembled in minutes. It has non-slip feet to hold it in position and adjustable lateral stabilizers to ensure the rack cannot move. These are rubberized to ensure your truck is protected and secured in place with wing nuts.

There is no need to drill your truck bed; this is common with any of the best truck bed bike racks. The beauty of this is that you can use it with a bed liner or not; the choice is yours.

It is important to note that this truck bed bike rack does not require you to remove the wheel. You roll the rear wheel into the allocated slot and then latch the securing bar across. The bar is adjustable to ensure it fits perfectly.

You’ll also benefit from a limited lifetime warranty. This only applies to the first owner and covers manufacturing defects. However, this is at the discretion of Heininger Holdings LLC.

Issues to Be Aware Of

It is important to note that the lockable cable supplied does not come with a lock! You’ll need to buy this separately. This is a little disappointing when spending your hard-earned money on a quality bike rack.

While the securing bar will prevent your bike from rolling out of its rack and potentially out of your truck, it is not going to stop your bike from swaying as you drive. To avoid it making contact with other bikes or your truck bed, it is advisable to strap the bike down as well. You should have load points in your truck bed to attach a strap to.

Another issue that needs to be noted is the trend for new trucks not to have square truck beds. You’ll need to have flat sides for the suction cups on this rack to take effect properly and hold your bike in place.

There is also a question regarding how well this truck bed bike rack will stand up to the elements if you decide to leave it in your truck. Although easy to install, it is not really designed to be taken in and out regularly, making weather tolerance a relevant issue.

2. Hollywood Racks T970 Fork Block

Hollywood Racks T970 Fork Block

This is simply a block that can be fitted into your truck bed and support one bike without damaging your vehicle. It is possible to add more than one block to take several bikes; if you wish.

Unsurprisingly this firm is based in Hollywood, but you may be surprised to learn that they have been trading since 1973, although their contribution to the best truck bed bike rack only started in the 1990s.

The fork block weighs just 12 ounces and measures 7.3” x 3.2” x 3.6”.

Key Features

This is an aluminum mount which explains why it is so light. This means that it is easy to carry with you and even to transfer between trucks. You can even adjust the mount if your forks are not a traditional size.

The distance from the center of one bolt hole to the other is 1.5 inches.

The mount has a skewer that goes through the middle of this. It has a quick-release lever allowing it to be removed and the forks positioned on each side of the mount.

The skewer is then pushed back through and tightened to stop them from moving.  Of course, for it to be effective, the mount needs to be bolted to either your floor or the side of your cab. It takes 4 bolts; you will need to drill holes in your vehicle.

It will fit onto any bike with front wheels up to 100mm; that’s the over-locknut dimension.

Again there is a limited warranty available to the first owner against manufacturing defects.

Issues to Be Aware Of

It is worth noting that the manufacturer has created the Hollywood T970 to hold your bike in place during travel. But, you may find that it is beneficial to purchase 2 per bike. This will help to ensure it really does not move while in transit. The second one will need to be mounted higher and moveable so that you can connect it to the forks on the rear of your bike without interfering with the gearing on your bike.

There is a limited range of movement in this truck bed bike rack mount. You will probably need to mount it onto some wood first to ensure it is in the right place and allows complete movement around it. This means it is not something that you want to take in and out regularly.

Of course, the fact that it is relatively small does mean it is unlikely to be in your way in your truck bed.

You’ll need to remove the wheel before you can clip your bike in position. This does increase the time it will take you to load your bike before a journey. It is also very likely that your bike will sway from side to side unless you strap it down into place.

It is also important to note that this bike mount does not have a locking system. You’ll need to purchase a cable to allow your bikes to be locked into your cab.

3. Inno Racks – Truck Bed Bike Rack

Inno Racks – Truck Bed Bike Rack

This is another great option if the size is a serious consideration. The INNO rack consists of several parts that connect to your truck bed and your bike to hold it in place.

The company has been making car racks since 1976, although they originally started manufacturing car seat headrests in 1966; in fact, they actually invented the car seat headrest!

They’ve been available in the US since 2003 and have proved exceptionally popular; they are worthy of a place on the best truck bed bike rack list.

Key Features

This mount is designed to fit into any flatbed, and you will not need to remove your tire to secure the mount into position. You should be able to use it no matter what type of bike you own.

The simple clamp with rubber inserts attaches to the edge of your truck bed, over the lip. Ideally, you want to attach this to one side of your truck bed. There are two clamps which are enough to do one bike. The clamp is secured by twisting the easy-grip handle of the thread. This allows the clamp to fit onto any size truck bed edging.

You can then thread the attachment part through the clamp and secure the loop around the frame of your bike. It can be adjusted to fit virtually any size frame. The thread on the attachment is 5 inches long; that should be enough to allow any bike to be attached without touching the side of your truck.

One clamp may be enough to hold your bike, but 2 clamps will help ensure it doesn’t move no matter how bumpy the road is. You can then mount a second set of clamps on the other side of the truck bed.

At the top of each clamp is a D ring. This is designed to allow you to use a cable lock. It can secure the clamp to the vehicle or the clamp to the bike, or even both!

You don’t need any tools to mount this clamp, you will not damage the truck, and you can take it on and off in moments if required. This makes it an attractive option for anyone who regularly uses the space in the truck bed for other things and carrying bikes.

These mounts are surprisingly secure, but it is important to know that the bike still has some potential to move. It would help if you placed padding between your bike and the side of the truck; to protect both of them from being damaged.

Issues to Be Aware Of

It is worth noting that these mounts must go on the side of the truck; this means you can only accommodate 2 bikes at a time. If this is all you intend to carry, that’s not an issue, but if you want more, then this is probably not the bike rack for you.

You should also be aware that the clamp sits very snugly around the bike frame; it is likely to rub off any stickers you have or even the paint on your bike. Depending on the size of your frame, you may not be able to add a cushioning layer to prevent this.

4. Saris Kool 2 Bike Truck Bed Bike Rack

Saris Kool 2 Bike Truck Bed Bike Rack

The Saris Kool 2 bike rack is designed to take two bikes in the back of your truck and still leave you space for some luggage or other essentials. The rack is a simple bar designed which enables you to choose where to mount it, and you can easily remove it for storage if necessary.

The bar weighs 7.2 pounds and measures 47 inches x 5 inches x 3.1 inches.

Key Features

Providing your truck bed is between 50 inches and 4 inches, the Saris Kool 2 bike rack will fit. This is another best truck bed bike rack with a limited lifetime warranty, protecting the first owner from manufacturing defects.

The rack consists of a single bar with soft pads on each end. These push up against the walls of your truck to hold the bar securely in place.

You’ll need to hold the bar in position and then pump the large handle on the bar. This slowly extends the bar until it connects firmly with the sides of your truck. Of course, you need to be careful not to over-pump this as you could damage the sidewalls of your truck. You can extend the bar manually to roughly the right distance before using the pump handle.

When you need to release the bar, simply press the red button, and the bar will slide back into itself.

There are two clamps on the bar which are designed to hold your bike forks. These are 9mm skewers, so they won’t accommodate a bike with skewers larger than this. Release the lever and slide the forks onto the skewer, then tighten to hold your bike securely in place.

The real beauty of this truck bed bike rack is that these mounts can be moved according to your needs. If you place one o top and one at the side, you’ll have different heights for your handlebars, ensuring they don’t collide when in transit. It is also useful to note that the mounts can be slid along the bar even after the bike is clamped into position, ensuring you get them just where you want them to be.

It is also important to note that this bar is made from 100% recycled materials, and it will not rust!

Issues to Be Aware Of

This is another truck bed bike rack that requires you to remove your front wheel before attaching your bike. This not only adds a step to the loading process it also means you have to keep the wheels somewhere. If you put in the truck bed, you’ll need to be careful that they don’t keep bashing your bikes.

The clamp only holds the front of the bike steady; this means the back still has the potential to move, although this does not normally happen. To ensure your bike is safe, it’s a good idea to strap the rear wheel in position as well.

5. Thule Insta-Gater Truck Mount

Thule Insta-Gater Truck Mount

This Thule Insta-Gater Truck Mount complicated-looking bar is actually very well designed. This shouldn’t be surprising considering it is made by Thule, one of the most well-known designers in transport accessories.

It weighs just 9.9 pounds and uses a ratchet system to ensure you can quickly and easily load any bike into your truck bed.

Key Features

The first thing to note is that this is a rack for just one bike. You can purchase additional ones to mount more than one bike in your truck bed. It should work with most truck beds.

It will be of great interest to anyone who doesn’t want to spend time removing wheels from their bike; it’s not necessary with this best truck bike rack.

It can accommodate wheels between 20” and 29” with tires up to 3” wide; the bike must be no heavy than 50 pounds. Most importantly, you don’t need to drill your truck or damage it to install this. In fact, it is surprisingly easy to install in your truck. In contrast to many of the truck bed bike racks, the Insta-gator mounts to your tailgate. It has two supporting arms that slot each side of your front tire, preventing it from moving. This also prevents any part of the rack from connecting with your bike and potentially causing damage.

The main bar of this rack drops into the gap between your bed and the tailgate of your truck. This ensures it cannot move once your tailgate is shut. That makes it exceptionally simple to fit, use and even remove when you don’t need it. However, you should note that the gap between your bed and tailgate should not be any bigger than ½ inch. If it is, then the Insta-gator will not fit snugly and may move during transit.

As well as the supporting arms, you’ll note there is a bar that comes diagonally upwards. This slides in and out to allow you to hook it over the top of your bike tire and then slide it down onto the tire. The result is your bike cannot move. This is the part that can be locked to fasten your bike to the rack securely.

Issues to Be Aware Of

This is a premium product, but you still don’t get a lock with it. This is disappointing as your bike is vulnerable, especially if your tailgate doesn’t have a lock. It is possible to purchase a Thule one key lock cylinder and secure your bike to the rack, but this is sold separately.

This is a well-designed and easy-to-use rack, hence why it’s on the best truck bed bike rack list. But, this is also one of the most costly products you can buy, and it only does one bike. Even if you purchase more than one rack, you’ll be limited by the width of your truck; the maximum you can carry is 3, which may not be enough.

6. Sunlite QR Bike Block Mount

 Sunlite QR Bike Block Mount

Sunlite produces over 5,000 accessories for your car; many of these focus on carrying loads safely. It was only natural that they would start to produce a truck bed bike rack. What may surprise you is how elegant and simple yet effective this best truck bed bike rack actually is.

It weighs just 8 ounces.

Key Features

The first thing to note is that this product is very similar to the Hollywood rack T970. Having said that, it doesn’t appear to have quite such a high shine finish, and there are a few subtle differences in the products.

Of course, this product is one of the cheapest on the best truck bed bike rack list. It is easy to install and extremely discreet. This makes it perfect if you use your truck bed a lot; you can leave your block fork mount in place and work around it.

In fact, the cost is part of the appeal, especially if you are relatively new to the world of biking and don’t want to spend a fortune on your new hobby. It is possible to add several mounts to your truck to carry more than one bike at a time.

There are 2 different size mounts, 100mm, and 135mm. This allows it to accommodate the whole range of bikes on the market. Once you’ve bolted the mount into your truck bed, you simply remove the front wheel and slide the wheel slots over the loosened bolt on the mount. This can then be tightened into place, securing your bike.

The mount is made of alloy, which is why it is so light and strong enough to handle your bike repeatedly.

You can fasten the mount onto the floor of your truck or the wall behind the cab; either will allow you to fasten your bike in position securely. You can even add some wood and create your own unique DIY truck bed bike rack if you wish; for your truck or even your car roof.

Issues to Be Aware Of

It is important to note that this needs drilling into your vehicle; you will be making permanent holes. This also makes it difficult to change the position of your mount; you need to get it right the first time.

The Sunlite QR bike block mount securely holds the front of your bike in place, but it doesn’t do anything for the rear of your bike. You will need to invest in some good-quality straps to hold the bike in place.

You should also be aware that while the mount is securely fastened to your truck, the bike is not locked into position. You’ll need to add a chain with a lock and secure it through your bike and to your truck; if you don’t, you may not want to leave your truck unattended.

This requires you to remove the front wheel, which means that there is an extra step in prepping you and your bikes for transport. While this shouldn’t be a deal-breaking, it is something to consider. When you’ve finished your ride, you want to put the bike in place and go home.

7. Swagman Adjustable Truck Bed Bike Rack\

Swagman Adjustable Truck Bed Bike Rack

Swagman describes itself as the leading supplier of value-added bike racks. It’s certainly true that they’ve got a wide range of products covering truck bed bike racks, pieces for DIY truck bed bike racks, and even hitch mounted, roof-mounted, and traditional style racks.

The adjustable truck bed bike rack may not have the most impressive name, but it does say exactly what it does! That’s what the company has been doing since the early ’90s with a lot of success.

Key Features

The adjustable rack comes with two clips, allowing you to add two bikes to your truck bed. Each bike must be no more than 35 pounds in weight.

The bar has rubber pads on the ends and a quick-release bolt mechanism at one end. The swings undo and allow you to push each pad against the sidewalls of your truck. You can then easily tighten the bolt mechanism to ensure the bar stays outstretched. The pressure of the bar against the sidewalls of your truck will prevent it from moving as you drive.

You will be relieved to know that the bolt mechanism uses a barrel lock that ensured it couldn’t lose pressure while you’re in transit.

The beauty of this is you can mount it at either end of your truck bed, depending on what suits you best. The rubber pads prevent damage to your truck, and no holes need to be drilled.

The two mounts are clamped onto the bar with bolts; these can be loosened and adjusted if required to get the best possible position for your bikes. Each clamp has a quick release 9mm skewer.

To load your bike, you’ll need to remove the front wheel and slide your bike’s forks into the 9mm skewer on the mount. Then tighten the skewer into place, and your bike is secure.

Each mount and the bar are made from steel; they’re built to last. A good tip is to set the bar approximately 5 inches from the back of your cab; this will give you room to slide your wheel between the bar and the cab; helping it stay securely in place; you can even cable tie it to the bar.

The bar extends from 52” to 69”; it should fit most truck beds, but it is best to check before buying!

Issues to Be Aware Of

It is worth noting that the bar is only held in place with pressure, and without a locking mechanism on the bar, it is possible to release it and take it with your bike.

As standard, there is no lock for the bike to the mount. If you don’t use a chain lock, you’re likely to find your bike goes missing when you leave it unattended. This also applies to your wheels as they are not attached to the bike; you’ll need to put them somewhere safe.

Of course, having to remove your wheels can be a chore when you just want to get going…

8. Yakima Blockhead Bike Mount

Yakima Blockhead Bike Mount

Yakima is one of the most well-known manufacturers in the car accessory and bike carrying industry. This means you’ll be purchasing a product with years of experience and research, building it, and turning products into the best they can be.

Of course, it is designed to accommodate just one bike, but it weighs just 13.6 ounces, and you can add multiple mounts to your truck. It is possible to get a BedHead version of this truck bed bike rack; this does not require drilling as it will clamp onto the bed rails on your truck. This helps if you don’t want to drill holes in your truck.

You can use this with bikes that have wide forks, but you will need to purchase an adaptor to go with it.

Key Features

This offering secures the front fork of your bike and can actually be used in any position you like. All you need is a flat surface in your truck; this can be the floor, a bed liner, or even the wall of your truck.

The mount is well padded to protect the paintwork on your truck and your bike. But, you will need to bolt it to your truck; this means drilling several holes. You’ll need to choose your position wisely; you don’t want to have to keep moving the mount;

Once you’ve bolted the mount in, you remove the wheel from the front of your bike and slide the forks into the 9mm skewer provided. You can purchase SKS core locks and keys from Yakima if required.

The mount measures 7” x 4” x 2. That’s small enough to fit anywhere in your truck bed and easy to overlook when loading with other items.

It’s made from anodized aluminum, which is corrosion-resistant. In fact, the Yakima truck bed bike rack is backed by a lifetime guarantee, although this only applies to the first owner of the mount. This mount is not just designed for truck beds; you can use it on your boat, RV, or any other flat surface!

Issues to Be Aware Of

Again this mount does not come with a locking mechanism. Although it is bolted to your truck, there is no security holding the bike to the mount. You’ll need to either spend more on the SKS locks from Yakima or use your own chain to secure the bike.

It is also worth noting that the back of the bike is likely to hop while you drive. It is advisable to secure it with a ratchet strap or similar; you don’t want it hitting the side of your truck and damaging both your truck and your bike.

Although not surprising, it is worth remembering that this mounting style does require you to remove the front wheel of your bike and store it elsewhere.

It is worth noting that the space on the top of the mount is not enough to slide along bolt through; you will need to bolt from the bottom and have the nut visible on the mount. This may not be an issue, but you should be aware of it before you start mounting your Yakima blockhead truck bed bike rack.

9. Thule Bed Rider XTR

Thule Bed Rider XTR

The fact there is a second Thule on this best truck bed bike rack list serves to confirm that Thule remains one of the best bike rack producers in the world. This rack is designed to accommodate 2 bikes via their front forks. It measures 53.2 inches by 7.8 x 2.8 inches, making it exceptionally easy to store anywhere when not in use.

It weighs just 9.25 pounds.

Key Features

The Thule Bed Rider is made from aluminum; that’s why it is so light but remains strong. It is a telescopic bar that can be easily fitted without having to drill holes in your truck.

Place one of the rubber feet on the side rail of your truck, and then pull the bar outwards until it reaches the other side. You’ll need to pull it out enough to ensure the bar is under pressure but not so hard that you risk damaging the sidewalls of your truck. The fact that it is attached to the side rail and not just the wall of the truck emphasizes how securely this will lock into position.

The padded feet on both sides will protect your paintwork and help the bar to grip securely. Once you’ve got the position correct, you can lock the bar in place with the Thule one key lock provided. This will prevent anyone from being able to remove it.

The bike mounts are fastened to this bar and also use the Thule one key locking mechanism. This ensures your bikes are safely fastened and cannot be removed without the key.

Of course, you’ll need to remove your bike’s front wheel to slide the forks into the skewer before you lock it. The skewer can be adjusted on just one side, making it easy to get the right tension to hold your bike in position. You can even slide the mounts along the rail to get the bike or bikes in the right position.

A great feature is the ability to use a locking Bed-Rider add-on block; this will allow you to add an extra bike; the only limit to the number you can carry is the space in your truck bed.

The bar adjusts mean it should fit almost any truck bed, but it is worth checking first.

Issues to Be Aware Of

This bar is designed to fit onto the side rails of your truck. As such, it is not possible to fit it if you already have a bed liner that goes over the rails. Your bike may bounce in the back when you’re driving. This could result in it moving and potentially damaging your bike, other bikes, or your truck. For this reason, it is advisable to use an extra strap to hold the rear of the bike in position.

If you have a through-axle bike, you may need to purchase an adaptor to allow this truck bed bike rack to work properly; unfortunately, these are expensive extras.

10. Saris Unique Triple Track Mount

Saris Unique Triple Track Mount

If you’ve got a truck and you need to transport between 1 and 4 bikes, this could be the perfect solution for you. The Saris Unique Triple Track Mount takes a different approach to all the other bike racks on this best truck bed bike rack list, but it works.

Saris make a large array of bike racks. They are an American company that has been trading since 1989, and many of their original racks are still in use today, a testimony to the quality of their build.

They believe bike racks answer a complicated transport problem and that the right product can make a huge difference. All Saris bike racks are born from this concept.

Key Features

The Unique triple track will support 4 bikes. It is laid directly onto the floor of your truck bed and is exceptionally easy to put in or take out. This makes it the perfect solution for weekend warriors while keeping your truck usable during the working week.

The rack is designed to sit across the width of your truck; it is 35 inches long and sits on the floor of your truck bed. You then add bike mounts in one of the three rail slots. Using different slots will allow you to set the bikes further back from each other and ensures the handlebars do not tangle.

Because the clamps are designed to operate on the wheel of your bike, there is no need to remove the back wheels; if you wish to secure them this way. At the same time, your bike paintwork and your trucks are protected. Alternatively, you can add fork mounts to the rails and attach them to the forks on your bike; but this will mean you need to remove the front wheel.

You could use this bike rack in an SUV as it doesn’t need to be bolted down. However, you’ll need to measure the vehicle’s width; the rack is 35 inches long.

The rack doesn’t appear to slide if you have a bed liner. However, if you don’t, it is likely to move and could mean that your bike becomes damaged against the side of your truck.

Issues to Be Aware Of

It is important to note that this is simply the base; you’ll need to purchase Saris traps and wheel holders to ensure your bikes are properly secured in the back of your truck.

The rack is actually surprisingly good at holding your bike in position; you’re unlikely to need a separate system to secure the rear of your bike. However, if you go off-road a lot, then the bouncing may dislodge your bike. You’ll need to strap it down in this instance or even use a second Saris unique triple track truck bed bike rack!

You should also be aware that this truck bed bike rack is very light. Although it shouldn’t slide, it does have the potential, too; you may prefer to add fastenings or even bolt it down, assuming you don’t plan to take it out of your truck very often.

It is also important to know that there is no locking mechanism with this bike; anyone can easily remove the rack, and the bikes do not lock to the rack, making it possible to take them. This won’t be an issue if you never leave your bikes unattended in your truck. But if you do, you need to consider a chain lock.

Your Ultimate Truck Bed Bike Rack Buying Guide

To ensure you choose the best rack for your needs, it is important to consider several factors. You may have your heart set on a specific rack, but you need to ensure practicality is considered before style.

Size of Your Truck Bed

When purchasing a truck bed bike rack, the first thing you need to consider is “Will it fit?” The majority of the racks on this list will fit a standard truck bed, and many are adjustable to ensure they can fit almost any vehicle.

But, that doesn’t mean the one you pick will fit; check the dimensions of your truck on the inside, especially the side rail to side rail width. You can then look at the various bike racks and decide which one works best for you.

Knowing the width of your truck bed will help you decide which bike rack style is best for you.


The price of a bike rack or mount can vary dramatically. It is possible to purchase a fork mount for approximately $20. Equally, you could pay several hundred for the top-end products.

Before you start looking, you should evaluate your current financial position and decide how much funds you can realistically afford. Although choosing the best truck bed bike rack is important, it is not worth borrowing funds to get the right one.

Once you’ve established a budget, you can then look at which bike racks are in your price range and choose the right one for your needs.

Obviously, if you’re not in a rush for the bike rack, you can look and choose the best truck bed bike rack and then find the funds for it. This is the best method, but not one that most people find is realistic.


There are some big names in the world of bike racks and other bicycle-related accessories. Thule and Saris are perhaps the first two that spring to mind.

However, this does not mean that other manufacturers are not worth considering. Many relatively new firms are working hard to produce truck bed bike racks that are as good, if not better, than the major manufacturers.

While a manufacturer’s name should carry some weight, you also need to look at their reputation. If they are dedicated to supplying high-quality products that will do the job and last, you should definitely consider them.

Of course, if their reputation is lacking, then you must approach with caution; you want a truck bed bike rack that will do the job over and over again, not break on your first outing.

Number of Bikes

Another consideration is the number of bikes you usually carry and the maximum you are likely to carry. In most instances, your truck bed will only allow you to comfortably carry 4 or 5 bikes, although this is not always the case.

If you know you need to carry 4 bikes regularly, there is no point in looking at the best truck bed bike rack for two bikes! Many of the fork mount systems can be adapted to add extra bikes, but some bars and other fixed methods are limited.

Knowing the number of bikes you generally carry and could carry will help you to secure the right truck bed bike rack for your needs.

Ease of Installation

The best truck bed bike rack should be easy to remove when you’re not using it. However, in reality, even the best ones are often left in your truck.

They are only removed when you need to load something else in. There are two issues with this that you should consider:

Ease of Theft

If you leave your bike rack in your truck and it doesn’t lock, then, even without your bike, there is a good chance that it will be stolen. It doesn’t matter how often you use your rack. If you think you’ll leave it in place even once, you need to ensure it is adequately secured to prevent this from happening.

The FBI estimates above 1.5 million bicycles are stolen every year in the US. You need to make sure your bike and rack are secure.

Ease of Mounting

The manufacturer may tell you that it is simply a case of pushing one part of the bar against the sidewall and then extending the bar until it locks into the other sidewall. In theory, this is easy, but when you’re rushing to get out on time, any delay can be costly and frustrating. This is often why bike racks are left in place.

It would help if you evaluated how easy it is to install when you’re in a rush. After all, if you don’t have a locking mechanism, you’re going to need to remove it while you’re riding.

This may lead to storage issues and a wish that you did have a truck bed bike rack that was bolted or locked into the truck. Sometimes it’s better to take a little longer with one installation and keep the rack in place!

How Often Do You Use It?

This is very much tied to the ease of installation. The more you use the bike rack, the more likely you want one that you can securely lock into place. But, you need to consider what else you put in your truck regularly. Will your chosen truck bed bike rack interfere with this loading? If t does, then you need to be able to remove the bike rack quickly and easily.

Of course, this will lead to the issues addressed above and may prompt you to look at the fork mounts that bolt to your floor; they are unlikely to cause an issue with the daily use of your truck bed.


It is important to verify what security is in place with the racks you are considering. The best truck bed bike rack will have locks incorporated to ensure the rack is secured to your vehicle and the bike is locked to the rack.

If this isn’t an option, you’ll need a cable lock, and you may have to decide how practical this is and how effective it will be.

Social Reviews

The reputation of the manufacturer is important. But, you should also consider the feedback from actual customers. These are people who have used the bike rack you’re considering. They can tell you whether it is as good as it appears to be. It may be better or much worse.

It is best to take a look at social media sites and dedicated truck bed bike rack sites. You’ll find honest opinions, and not all will be positive; a manufacturer can’t keep every customer happy.

When looking at these reviews, what is important is the overall picture. If they are more positive comments than negative, then you’ve found a decent rack. But you should be aware of the negative points made; to ensure they don’t affect you.


Finally, most racks on this best truck bed bike rack list come with a good warranty, even though it only applies to the first owner.

However, not all warranties are created equal. It is important to check first before you buy. That way, you’ll know exactly what is covered and what isn’t. This can actually help you to decide if the bike rack is the right one for you or not.

The Bottom Line

A truck bed bike rack is a great solution. It uses space you already have available and leaves your towing hitch free for a trailer, caravan, or anything else you need.

It is important to consider what is best for your needs. The fork mounts are excellent for holding your bike steady but require you to remove your front wheel. In contrast, the bar-style racks are generally not quite so good at preventing your bike from moving because they position the center of gravity higher.

What really matters is choosing one of the options on this best truck bed bike rack list after you’ve reviewed the ultimate buying guide and chosen for practicality, not just because the rack looks good.

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