Thule Force Cargo Box

Thule Force Cargo Box Review

Thule’s Force Cargo Box is now sharper and more practical. It comes in various sizes featuring the unique AeroSkin for improved air circulation. As its name suggests, the Thule roof-mounted box is meant for cargo. Depending on the chosen size, it can also serve for sporting equipment such as skis or snowboards.

In its larger sizes, it can even hold two adult pairs of skis together with two pairs of skis for kids. However, the box is also used for various other cargo. Going on a weekend away doesn’t need to come with too many sacrifices in terms of carrying capacity. Some families even need more space to carry their belongings to extend their trunk’s capacity.

Thule Force Cargo Box Size

Thule has been constantly among the most respected roof rack manufacturers. There have been many inspired designs released by the brand and the Force Cargo Box borrows some of the best features from this line of products.

Thule Force Cargo Box Top

The Force Cargo Box is one of the few designs which can be opened to each side of the car. The dual-side opening functionality allows drivers to easily load and unload goods from the carrier. For example, tight parking space might not allow access from a side and this is where this design characteristic help make life easier. Of course, this doesn’t affect the carrier’s reliability.

Some Thule fans have already noted that the series comes in various sizes. From medium to XLL or Alpine, it can handle between 13 cubic feet and 21 cubic feet of cargo. All of these designs come with the AeroSkin textured finish. The surface’s durability has been improved. Thule also claims that the surface does a better job when it comes to aerodynamic performance. While this is not necessarily proven in the real-world, most drivers can reach speeds between 70 and 80mph without too much discomfort.

In the real world, an improved surface such as the AeroSkin comes with extra practicality. It is why the box can be left on the car around the year. There is no need to take it away from the rays of the sun to protect it in the long term. Families can use it to carry skis during the winter and camping gear during the summer as a result.

Thule Force Cargo Box Features

Mounting a roof rack seems problematic for many drivers. However, Thule is one of the few manufacturers who managed to design products which need no tools and which can be mounted in minutes. Apart from this great functionality, the Force Cargo Box is mostly known for its dual-size opening. Unlike many drivers believe, this function doesn’t exclude cargo safety locking. The box can be locked regardless of the side open to access the cargo.

Thule Force Cargo Box Side

Another question new users might have comes with the installation process complexity. The Force Cargo Box uses the Quick-Grip mounting system. Without relying on tools, this system allows users to have the rack installed with no help in minutes. With knob tension adjustment, the box can be installed on most modern car racks. Of course, those who are satisfied by the product’s quality can also rely on Thule’s multiple roof rack options. Some cars come with factory racks or roof rails so it’s worth checking the compatibility with the box.

In terms of load weight, the rack can handle between 110lbs and 1160lbs. This depends on the chosen size of the box. Those who are thinking about the aesthetics of such a carrier can also consider the finish the box comes with. The Force Cargo Box is available in black glossy, titan glossy, black and matte black. All of these designs actually look elegant due to the aerodynamic shape of the box.

Cargo Safety

Another important issue to consider when purchasing a cargo carrier is with its safety. Fully protecting the cargo is not possible, as is the case with the car. But Thule installed the SecureLock safety mechanism on the box.

It should always be closed before driving away to ensure the box doesn’t accidentally open during the trip. This safety mechanism is among the most praised among all brands on the market.

Loading and Unloading the Force Cargo Box

The QuickMount mechanism is the start of the installation process. There is no need for screwdrivers or power tools to install the rack. Even those who are not particularly familiar with cargo racks can install it as needed. Furthermore, some people might even consider taking it down when not needed without feeling scared about the time needed for this process. The box can easily be put away in storage. Users usually create vertical rack storage spaces in the house or in the garage to save space when the cargo carrier is not in use.

Driving Tips for The Roof Mounted Rack

Even with an aerodynamic shape, it is still having a look at what possible problems driving with a roof rack can come with. One of these problems is the actual maximum speed limit. All drivers should consider traveling at lower speeds to avoid any problems on the road. During high winds, the speed should be even lower.

Of course, problems can occur at lower speeds as well. It is why properly mounting the carrier is crucial. It can easily be installed on the Thule Evo WingBar or on the AeroBlade. But it generally works well with round and square crossbars.

Final Considerations

Being a high-quality product, the Force Cargo Box comes with a lifetime warranty. Even with such impressive coverage policies, users should still not overload these cargo boxed or force them to close due to large cargo in order to keep them in good shape.

At a weight of around 40lbs, they are not heavy to lift on the car or to unload when needed. The Quick-Grip system should also not be forced to close. Following these simple tips is the right way of handling the Thule Force Cargo Box and ensuring its reliability for years to come.

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