Rhino Rack USA JA2261 Vortex SX

It doesn’t matter what car you choose, there comes a time when you simply don’t have enough space to fit everything in. That’s actually what first drew me to have a closer look at the Rhino Rack USA JA2261 Vortex SX, it certainly wasn’t the name!

Let’s be clear, this is a roof rack, it’s not designed to carry one specific item but it can help you carry anything you want. A rack is actually the easiest solution when you have multiple vehicles or, like me, you like to change your vehicle frequently.

The Benefits of Roof Racks

If you’re looking to transport a bike or bikes then you can check out this list of best bike roof racks, they fit onto your roof bars. Equally, the best kayak roof rack locks onto your roof bars and allows you to carry your kayak or canoe anywhere.

But, being able to fit different accessories is not the only benefit. The bars can be used on any vehicle. All you need is the right towers to secure them in position. This means that you can easily switch the roof bars between vehicles, which is great if you have more than one car.

Of course, roof racks are limited to the maximum weight that your roof can carry. On average this is 165 pounds but you should check your vehicle manual to be sure, it may be less.

The Specs

You know the roof rack is the right way to go. Then you find out there are hundreds of different ones to choose from. Fortunately, the decision is easier than you think.

You need to seriously consider the Rhino Rack. It’s likely going to be one of the best decisions you’ll make when looking to buy a roof rack.

Let’s check out the Rhino Rack JA2261 Vortex:

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The Good

Clips Onto Door Frame

Roof racks either attach to roof towers that are attached to your roof rails, or they have a clip style mechanism that hooks around your door frame.

The JA2261 Vortex is designed to go straight onto your door frame. This means there is no additional expense or need to purchase roof rails. In addition, this makes it compatible with a wide range of vehicles.

The clips are coated in thick rubber pads. This prevents your car from getting scratched. Also, the clips are incorporated into the Rhino Vortex SA, so they look really good.

In fact, it’s hard to imagine a better-looking roof rack.

Array of Accessories

The key when purchasing any set of roof bars is to make sure it can handle the accessories you want to use. Rhino Rack has a wide range of accessories that you can purchase. However, the roof bars are also compatible with most accessories made by other brands.

Therefore, you can continue to use the accessories you have and choose which ones you want to purchase in the future, whether they are made by Rhino or not.

Built-In Security

Roof bars that clip into your doors are generally a little harder to remove from your vehicle, simply because the door needs to be open to allow the clamps to be removed completely.

However, Rhino Rack is keen to ensure the bars stay where they should be, on your roof. As such, they have incorporated a locking mechanism into the clip system. Once the bars are in place, simply turn the key in the lock and you know that the bars are secure and staying put.

You can then strap items to your roof bars and use cable locks to secure them, if necessary.

Easy To Put On Or Take Off

The Rhino Rack USA JA2261 Vortex SX is exceptionally easy to put on and remove from your vehicle.

It’s worth noting that the leg clamp system can actually be removed, although you’ll need the key to do this. You can then use the roof bars with your roof rails if you already have them fitted.

To fit the rack, you must place the thick rubber pad on the car roof. Followed by the padded angled clamp into the door frame, with the door open. Then simply tighten the bolt, securing the rack solidly onto your vehicle.

Repeat on the other side and then lock the rack to secure it.

The actual roof bar can slide along the clamp by loosening and then retightening the bolt. This ensures the bars can fit a wide array of vehicles.


Lifetime Warranty

It’s always good to see a manufacturer who believes in their own product and this is definitely the case with Rhino Rack. They’ll give you a lifetime warranty against defective parts.

Of course, this warranty is not transferable if you decide to sell the bars, or purchase some second hand.

Customer Service

While no product is perfect it is good to note how helpful the customer service team is. You can virtually guarantee an instant response and you’ll find them helpful, informative, as well as actually appearing to care.

That makes dealing with any possible issues so much more bearable.

The Bad

No product is perfect although it would be nice if they were! There are a few things that you should be aware of before you purchase your Rhino Rack USA JA2261 Vortex SX.


This could be the biggest issue. The Rhino Rack USA JA2261 Vortex SX retails at close to $500. That’s a fairly hefty price tag even for a heavy-duty product.

I know it made me think twice before purchasing!

However, not having to buy clamps separately and the convenience of not needing roof rails, convinced me that the cost wasn’t as high as it first seemed.

The fact that I can use the clamps on one vehicle and just the bars on the other has made this high-quality rack more than worth the money.


In most cases, the additional noise associated with having a rack and a load is barely noticeable. However, several buyers have noticed an audible whistling noise inside the vehicle, even with the windows closed.

The official line is that this is due to incorrect fitment and, in most cases, this appears to be true. But, it is something you should be aware of.

Final Thoughts

The Rhino Rack USA JA2261 Vortex SX is worth considering. It’s a heavy-duty but incredible stylish looking rack that will carry any load you want.

The fact that it’s so easy to fit has made it a valuable addition to my car accessory collection and one that is used on a regular basis.

Best of all, I’ve had no issues with securing it and carrying heavy loads, even when traveling at the maximum speed limit. I have to admit that this is definitely one the best roof bar systems I’ve used so far!

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