Delta Cycle Pablo Monet

Delta Cycle Pablo Monet Wall Mount Bike Rack Review

Once you start getting serious about cycling and fitness, you’ll eventually realize that you’ll need a high-quality bike, a high-quality bike rack for transport and high-quality bike mount for storage.  The Delta Cycle Pablo Monet Wall Mount Bike Rack may just be the answer you’re looking for when it comes to bike storage. Delta Cycle is dedicated to providing the highest quality products in every sector of cycling, from bike stands to storage solutions, and even an array of accessories. For this reason, you’ll only find a few products in each category. One of these best bike racks from Thule may have taken your fancy. But, alongside this, you also need a way to store your bike safely at home.

Delta Cycle

The company itself started as part of the early environmental movement, as long as 30 years ago, but it has really flourished in the last 10-15 years. But is the Delta Cycle Pablo Monet wall mount bike rack as good as they reckon? It’s time to find out!

Key Features of The Delta Cycle Pablo Monet

    • Available in One bike or two bike options.
    • Maximum load weight 65lbs
    • Folds Flat when not in use
    • Measures 12” x 14.5” x 20”
    • Weighs 10 pound.
    • Made of steel with a powder coat finish


There are some distinct advantages to choosing this wall mount bike rack over the competition:

  • Folding

Delta Cycle Pablo Monet Folded

If you’ve ever had a wall mount bike rack before you’ll appreciate how annoying it can be. When your bike isn’t on the rack you’re liable to walk into it, simply because you forget it’s there. This isn’t an issue with the Delta Cycle Pablo Monet wall mount rack, simply unhook the supporting bar and the rack folds flat against the wall.

  • Wall Mounted –  Easy Installation

Delta Cycle Pablo Monet Wall Mounted

You will need to bolt this to your wall in order for it to be properly secured when supporting your bike or bikes. However, this is a surprisingly easy process. The first step will be to pick the height of the rack, it needs to be high enough to ensure that your largest bike is supported and just off floor level. But, don’t mount the rack too high, you’ll need to lift your bikes on and off comfortably.

Once you’ve located the desired position for your Delta Cycle Pablo Monet wall mount bike rack simply hold it in position and mark the three screw holes. Drill the holes, add raw plugs if needed and screw the rack into position. That’s it, you can be done in less than 15 minutes. The fact that the rack weighs just 10 pounds will make it easy for you to hold it in position while marking the holes.

  • Inbuilt Shelf

When the rack is open you’ll notice a shelf is created at the top, there is enough space here to keep your helmet or a few small bike accessories. This is useful and practical as everything you need is in one place, helping you not to forget when you head out for a ride.

However, don’t forget that if you fold the rack against the wall you’ll lose the shelf.

  • Rubber Arms

Delta Cycle Pablo Monet Mounted

It’s worth noting that the brackets for supporting your bike are metal and coated in rubber. This is because your bike frames sit on these arms, the rubber coating protects your frame while it is suspended.

  • Cost

There are many options available when choosing a storage rack or stand for your bike. However, there are few that are as cheap, yet durable as this offering from Delta Cycles. The lowness of the rice makes it worthwhile to order one and test it out, you’re unlikely to be disappointed.


There are a few disadvantages of the Pablo wall rack that you should consider before you buy:

  • Angled Frames

Although it is not impossible to hang an angled frame bike on this rack it is not the easiest option. If you have the 2 bike version it can also make it difficult to hang a second bike as the pedals and handlebars will get in the way. You may be able to purchase a converter to make your frame a straight bar when being hung. However, this will complicate the process. If you have an angled frame it may be better to look at alternative options.

  • Feels Light

Several users have commented that this rack feels cheap. Personally, I don’t feel this is an issue. It certainly feels light but it is strong enough to hold two bikes up to 65 pounds, that makes it pretty sturdy. Of course, it is important to secure the supporting bracket properly before you put your bike onto the rack, this will help to ensure the weight is evenly distributed.

  • Inadequate Screws

One problem that many people have noticed, including me, is that the screws which come with it are simply not long enough. Whether you’re screwing into wood, a stud wall, or brick, you’ll probably want to replace the screws with something a little longer.

This will ensure the rack is securely fastened to the wall and doesn’t come crashing down with your bike attached. This is a small disadvantage as it is easy to replace the screws, but it is a little disappointing that it doesn’t come with longer and stronger ones.


If you’re looking for a simple way to store your bike on your garage or shed then the Delta Cycle Pablo Monet wall mount bike rack is a fantastic choice. It doesn’t need to lift your bikes far off the floor but it will keep them protected from accidentally being knocked over.

In fact, this is a great option if you live in an apartment and space is limited. It won’t stop your bike from being in the room but it will keep it tidy and can even look a little like a work of art! Plus, you’ll always know where your bike and bike related gear is!

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