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Allen Sports Deluxe 4 Bike Rack Review

The Allen Sports Deluxe 4 is a hitch-mounted bike rack. Being among the affordable Allen bike racks, it already has a large fan group. Apart from being affordable, the bike rack is also practical. Its hitch-mounted design means it can be successfully used on most cars. Cycling fans can carry their bikes on the back of their cars. As a result, loading and unloading the bikes is significantly easier compared to roof-mounted bike racks.

Allen Bike

2 bikes, 3 bikes, 4 bikes and 5 bikes carrying capacity

The Allen Sports Deluxe 4 comes with a simple and efficient design. The most affordable version is the 2-bike design. Of course, even with the 4-bike capacity, it is still much more affordable than some alternative products such as Thule’s Parkway Hitch Mount Rack. But even at a lower price, it manages to offer sensible results, with the bikes properly held in place.

Allen 2 Bike Hitch Rack

Mounting the bike rack is straightforward. If you already have a hitch mount, the rack will fit nicely on your car. It works with both 1-1/4 and 2-inch hitch receivers. When it comes to holding the bikes, its padded cradles are largely appreciated by cyclists. They protect the frame of the bikes from scratches. There is also a strap mechanism in place. The 2-point anchoring is enough for most bikes and it provides a versatility which fits all types of bike frames.

Allen 5 Bike Hitch Rack

This individual tie-down system is also why many cyclists prefer the Allen bike rack to other bike racks. Then there’s the tilting mechanism. This also differentiates the Allen sports bike rack from other bike racks. It allows quick trunk access. For example, cyclists who want to access luggage or other personal belongings while away from home can easily do this. Other bikes racks require the driver to entirely remove the bikes and the rack form the hitch in order to access the trunk.

Some additional costs have also been seen with this issue. There are cyclists who would not want to remove their bike racks from the hitch receiver to access the trunk. For this reason, they would purchase a roof rack to carry their luggage. These cyclists can now consider an upgrade to the Allen bike rack which allows some type of freedom when it comes to easy lift gate access. It’s also worth pointing out that the bikes might still need to be removed from the rack before using the tilting system.

Some Limitations to Consider

As all hitch-mounted bike racks, the Allen Sports Deluxe 4 is not perfect. Some drivers might experience some type of lateral movement in the hitch, especially at higher speeds. A simple hitch tightener can solve this problem. Some designs can even be installed even after the bike rack is placed on the hitch.

Another common issue with hitch-mounted bike racks comes with wheel motion during transportation. Some cyclists prefer to use a bungee cord to lock the wheels in place and to keep the bikes from touching each other.

Another aspect to consider comes with the locking straps durability. Even premium designs can face this issue. As the textile materials can wear in time, it is recommended to keep the bike rack away from rain and direct sunlight when not mounted on the car. This will also protect the paintwork of the bike rack.

Safety and Why the Allen Bike Rack is a Top Choice

There are various safety mechanisms mounted on today’s bike racks. Some products don’t come with any safety at all. But the Allen bike rack comes with a two-key hitch lock which tightens and locks the rack to the hitch. This modern knob-based mechanism is easy to use. It also ensures some type of anti-theft protection for the bike rack.

Allen Bike Hitch Rack Lock
Lock to Hitch

Cyclists who want to remove the bike rack while away on holiday or on a weekend trip need to remember taking the Allen Sports keys with them. Without the keys, the rack cannot be untightened from the hitch receiver.

A Few Driving Recommendations

While the Allen Sports bike rack is mounted on the car, drivers need to take a few precautions. For example, reversing needs to be based on enough clearance. The bike rack is not the longest in its class, but it may still require a few extra maneuvers when exiting parking lots. At the same time, the bike rack keeps the bike at a low height. It means that ground clearance might impede drivers getting over a few off-road situations. But one of the issues to consider which applies to all drivers comes with dirt. Since the bikes are situated closer to the road surface, dirt will eventually get on the bikes. It is why keeping a few cleaning tools in the car might be recommended.

A Bike Rack for The Entire Family

Since the Allen bike rack works with multiple bikes, it can be considered by families, not just individual cyclists. It comes with the possibility of transporting two adult bikes and two children’s bikes. Weekends away can be active weekends for the entire family.

Since Allen Sports already has a few decades of history, its customer service is among the best. Many bike rack users noted that the manufacturer was very helpful in the rare case that there was some type of problem with the rack. But its versatility and the fact that it can accommodate so many different bike frames make the Allen rack a recommended choice among today’s best bike racks.

Final Considerations

With folding carry arms, the hitch-mounted bike rack can stay on the car longer. This completes the versatility of the tilt-away design and it makes the bike rack one of the leading options when it comes to the comfort of the driver. It saves drivers from having to mount and unmount the bike rack too often.

Cyclists who love road bikes, mountain bikes, fat bikes or even downhill bikes can consider the hitch-mounted mechanism as a good solution. Those who have back problems and who want to avoid roof-mounted bikes can also consider the Allen Sports bike rack. With individual tie-down cradles, the bike rack works for most types of bikes.

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