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Saris Superclamp 2 Review

The Saris Superclamp, also known as the Saris Freedom Superclamp, is a hitch-mounted bike rack designed to carry 2 bikes effortlessly behind your vehicle.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to carry just one or two bikes without having to lift them onto your roof, then the Saris Superclamp could be the rack you’re looking for. If you need to carry more then you may want to check out these hitch-mounted racks.

Saris are a US-based company, established in 1989 they are dedicated to all aspects of cycling from creating the perfect bike to the right rack. In the past 30 years, they’ve developed a reputation for quality and integrity; it’s a great starting point for the Saris Superclamp.

Let’s take a look at what the Saris Freedom Superclamp has to offer:


  • Weighs just 32 pounds
  • Handles 2 bikes up to 60 pounds each
  • Integrated locks
  • Fits 1.25” or 2” hitches
  • Can handle tire widths up to 2.25”
  • Adaptable for any style frame
  • No frame contact


The Saris Superclamp is a great bike rack with an array of positive attributes:

  • Integrated Lock

Saris Superclamp Lock

There is a lock that fits onto the hitch pin, preventing the removal of the Saris Superclamp. You’ll also note integrated locks in the wheel tray which will ensure your bikes are securely attached to the rack.

That means you can run into the store without worrying about your bikes.

  • Ease of mounting bikes

The Saris Superclamp uses a tray system, your bike wheels sit on this before you pull the arms over the wheels and lock them into position. It is very easy to do and the low height of the tray makes it very easy to lift virtually any bike into position.

In fact, you can actually add fat wheel trays to your Saris Superclamp to allow you to take bikes with wider wheels. These make it even more relevant that the tray height is low, bikes with fatter tires tend to be heavier.

It’s not just the bikes that are easy to mount. The rack itself is very easy to fit to your vehicle. All you have to do is decide whether you need the adaptor or not, this will depend on the size of your hitch, and then slide it into position.

Push the locking pin into place and tighten with your wrench and then finish by adding the SKS lock to the other side of the pin. This will prevent anyone from removing the rack without your permission.

  • Trunk Access

It’s worth noting that a simple yellow lever at the bottom of the rack will allow you to tilt the rack away from the trunk of your vehicle; even with the bikes on. This gives you access to your trunk which you’ll probably find very useful.

There is also a button that allows you to fold the rack up against the back of your vehicle, that’s very useful if you’re not carrying bikes and don’t want to risk damaging your rack.

As the rack weighs 32 pounds and can accommodate up to 120 pounds this is a blessing, you don’t want to be unloading them every time you need to get into your trunk.

  • No Frame Contact

Saris Superclamp No Frame Contact

The last thing you want when carrying your bike is to get to the destination and find the paint has been scratched off. This isn’t an issue with the Saris Superclamp.

The wheels slot into designated grooves on the tray and a simple knob allow you to tighten the clamp around the tire. The adjustable arm then slides down on top of the tire and locks into position. Your bike cannot move but the contact is limited to your tire.

  • Durable

There is no doubt that the Saris Freedom Superclamp is a well-built rack. The brackets are hardened and the entire rack is powder coated. It may sit a little further from your vehicle than its competitors but it will hold your bikes securely and will last you for many years. What else can you ask from a bike rack?


There are a couple of negative points that should be noted:

  • Requires Assembly

To be fair most bike racks require some assembly and the Saris Freedom Superclamp comes with detailed instructions and everything you need, except for an adjustable wrench.

However, this does mean you can’t just slide it out of the box and go.

  • Balancing The Bikes

If you’re thinking about putting two bikes on the rack then you’re going to need an extra pair of hands. Because the arms adjust at the same time you’ll need to have both bikes in position before you can lock the arms onto them.

In reality, the first bike is likely to fall as you lift the second, creating a potentially hilarious and frustrating scene. The next version of the Saris Superclamp should have independent arms as this would solve this issue.

  • Length of wheel straps

For some reason, the wheel straps are very long and can fall out of their grooves. Unfortunately, they can be difficult to slide back into place, especially if you’re trying to work between your bikes while they’re on the rack.

The length of the straps is a good size for mountain bikes, but, if you carry road bikes from time to time you’re going to wish there were shorter straps as well.

Final Thoughts

If you’re considering a bike roof rack then you should note that hitch mounted racks are generally much easier to load and still provide access to your trunk. You may not want to keep the Saris Superclamp on your vehicle at all times but it is easy to fit and simple to store at home, making it one of the best options currently available and well worth looking at.

There are other hitch-mounted racks available but the Saris Freedom Superclamp is a great option for carrying 1 or 2 bikes, it offers the flexibility and ease of use that you need.

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